Infrastructure Management


Centrally Manage Large Deployments

The WLAN Defence Services Platform offers seamless integration of wireless Security & Compliance Solutions, WLAN Infrastructure Management, and Network Assurance tools that centrally troubleshoot user connectivity issues and fix WLAN performance problems. cmc

The WLAN Defence Services Platform is industry's first comprehensive service oriented platform that can be leveraged by enterprise IT to dramatically reduce the TCO and achieve quicker ROI from their WLAN.

WLAN Defence centralised Management Console (CMC) provides administrators and IT staff a single holistic view into the wireless network.

For large scale deployments which require thousands of sensors and/or tens of thousands of managed devices, the CMC provides aggregated views of the data on multiple appliances and a single point for configuration changes. CMC streamlines the monitoring of security events, automates management, and speeds time-to-resolution of network issues thereby improving productivity.

The Centralised Management Console (CMC) module also provides key features for reducing the administrative overhead required to manage large deployments. Typically, global settings, such as user accounts and policies, are manually replicated across multiple appliances which can be a time consuming and error prone process. CMC solves this by allowing administrators to have configuration and policies automatically pushed across multiple appliances throughout the enterprise. CMC also provides comparative analysis for individual settings to ensure ad-hoc changes are not made outside of the administrator's knowledge.

dashboardThis centralised configuration ensures consistency in policies and configurations including user accounts, alarm settings, profiles etc.

Centralised Management Console (CMC) enables you to reach any level of scale by providing a single console logon with visibility into the entire deployment. Single-console alarm management provides a central view to manage all alarms including security incidents, network health events and managed infrastructure faults, allowing administrators to focus attention on actions that most benefit network performance.

The dashboard provides a global view across all appliances, regardless of location, enabling administrators to focus on the most crucial events first, ensuring effective management across the network.

The Centralised Management Console (CMC) module runs on the WLAN Defence Services Platform and requires no additional hardware for functionality.

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