WLAN Defence Mobile provides a real-time snapshot of all 802.11 a/b/g wireless infrastructure including:

  • Real Time Device Discovery and Connection Analysis wifi zone
  • Advanced Rogue Management with Threat Indicators for Rogue Devices
  • Advanced Location Tracking Including Triangulation Positioning
  • Threat Detection & Automated Protection with Termination Capabilities
  • Advanced Diagnostics Tools for Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Network Usage Statistics and Health Analysis
  • Reporting Capabilities
  • Integration into the AirDefence Services Platform


WLAN Defence Mobile is a laptop based solution that gives enterprises a mobile product that provides a real-time snapshot of all WLAN infrastructure and activity (802.11 a/b/g/n). Some of the functions this tool provides includes wireless device inventory, threat index analysis, location tracking, advanced rogue management and automated protection.

WLAN Defence Mobile is a complementary solution to the WLAN Defence Services Platform monitoring platform.

Running on a Windows XP or 2000 platform, WLAN Defence Mobile installs on any laptop with an Atheros-based 802.11 a/b/g wireless card, such as Netgear (WAG511) or Cisco (CB21AG).

With over 175 alarms, WLAN Defence Mobile provides the most advanced mobile security tool in the market today. A flexible notification engine ensures that critical alerts are communicated in a timely manner. Organisations use WLAN Defence Mobile to locate rogue access points and stations, identify mis-configured devices and to take proactive steps to close any security holes as part of a WLAN policy compliance program.

WLAN Defence Mobile also provides diagnostic tools and signal interference measurements for network troubleshooting thereby ensuring the health of the wireless LAN.

WLAN Defence Services platform integration

mobile security

WLAN Defence Mobile has a simple intuitive user interface and along with the Services Platform, provides a comprehensive view of the wireless network security and health.

The Mobile Analyzer is fully integrated into the AirDefence Services Platform, enabling synchronisation of authorized and rogue wireless devices for a specified location. All information pertaining to the rogue devices including their most current alarms can be imported for quick problem resolution. The threat index of rogue devices is built from alarms seen on the Services Platform. Devices can be tracked more easily and accurately using advanced triangulation algorithms. Hence, Mobile is an essential security and network management tool that gives IT professionals a holistic view into their wireless network and provides everything they need to quickly resolve any network issues or mitigate threats.


WLAN Defence Mobile allows organisations to scan their airwaves, detect and locate 802.11 devices and protect against rogues and intruders. Simple to use, WLAN Defence Mobile is the most cost-optimized solution to enable corporations to conduct quick and accurate scans of the wireless network and track down rogue devices.

Advanced Threat Detection and Expert Help show causes and remedies to any security breaches in the wireless network, making WLAN Defence Mobile the perfect tool to ensure wireless LAN policy compliance.