As a growing number of organisations look to use wireless LANs for more demanding applications like voice or video, administrators are realising that managing the performance of wireless networks has become crucial to improving business operations. Unlike wired networks, where reliability of the communication medium is not as significant a problem and the availability of centralised tools result in quick turnaround of networking trouble tickets, enterprise IT often struggles with effective resolution of wireless network problems. WLAN Defence Solutions offers a suite of vendor agnostic WLAN analysis and troubleshooting suite of products that that allow organisations to proactively optimise wireless LAN performance as well as remotely troubleshoot RF problems.

The vendor-agnostic WLAN Defence Network Assurance Suite:

  • Proactively optimises wireless LAN performance as well as ensure network reliability
  • Offers unmatched remote troubleshooting and network monitoring capabilities
  • Maximizes the availability of WLANs and minimizes impact to network engineers, thus reducing operational expenses

Organisations can now reap the full benefits of wireless mobility, while ensuring business processes are being carried out on a trusted and secure network.

Solution Features

The WLAN Defence Network Assurance Solution offers a unique set of tools for vendor agnostic, WLAN performance monitoring and remote troubleshooting of RF problems.

The solution uses a dedicated network of RF sensors that continuously monitor the airwaves – intelligently scanning different frequencies over time and space to detect WLAN performance problems and policy violations.

WLAN Defence analyses traffic flow to interpret WLAN performance and to identify common characteristics that may impede network performance such as interference from neighbouring WLANs, channel overlap, over-utilized APs & channels, network congestion, and performance degradation.

By providing a view of all WLAN traffic, the Network Assurance tools enable network administrators to remotely troubleshoot problems, identify and respond to network mis-configurations, and monitor network availability. Network Assurance

Once a problem or issue is identified network administrators have two types of tools, real-time and historical, which allow them to appropriately diagnose and remediate the problem.

The real-time toolset allows administrators to see what is happening in the WLAN at that given instant. Many RF issues are hard to replicate or are transient in nature, and the ability to remotely and instantly visualise and analyse the user's WLAN from a central location is valuable.

The historical toolset allows administrators to analyze device specific trends over time to better understand the root cause of a problem or detect intermittent problems. The ability to remotely troubleshoot and resolve WLAN performance problems, in real-time, with access to historical data for perspective, is crucial for maximizing the availability and ROI from a WLAN.

The innovative add-on modules integrated in the WLAN Defence Network Assurance suite include WLAN Defence Advanced Troubleshooting, WLAN Defence Spectrum Analysis, WLAN Defence LiveRF, and WLAN Defence Advanced Forensics.

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