Remote Troubleshooting and Analysis of Wireless Network Issues

The WLAN Defence Advanced Troubleshooting module is the industry's first and only toolset to perform expert analysis of wireless connectivity issues and perform end-to-end network testing from the wireless perspective. Advanced Troubleshooting is a licensed add-on module to the market leading WLAN Defence Services Platform utilizing the same sensor deployment.slide

Advanced Troubleshooting will significantly reduce network help desk costs and operational expenditures related to the wireless network by practically eliminating the need to travel onsite to troubleshoot wireless network issues. These costs savings are achieved through several innovative troubleshooting tools. The first, Connectivity Troubleshooting is a tool for help desk staff allowing them to perform expert analysis on wireless client connectivity issues and quickly resolve or escalate trouble tickets without requiring extensive wireless expertise. The second, Access Point Connectivity Testing will proactively identify connectivity problems on the wireless network by periodically performing end-to-end network testing initiated over the air by a wireless sensor emulating a client.

Client Connectivity Troubleshooting – Expert analysis of wireless client connectivity

Client connectivity issues can be caused by a variety of issues many of which are not related to the wireless network. Unfortunately the wireless network often gets faulted for any connectivity problems experienced by mobile users, and wireless network support staff is then required to devote time troubleshooting issues which may not be a wireless problem. The Client Connectivity Troubleshooting tool is designed to assist Tier-1 help desk personnel with limited wireless networking expertise, easily identify the exact connectivity problem, allowing them to either resolve it or escalate the case to the appropriate IT support staff. The Client Connectivity Troubleshooting module's sophisticated analysis engine will quickly identify device level problems, wireless network health, wireless network availability, wireless network or client configuration, and wired network connectivity issues.

Access Point Connectivity Testing End-to-End Wireless Network Connectivity Testing

Wireless applications rely on configuration of both wireless and wired network elements to function correctly, and a simple change to the wired network could render wireless applications inoperable. Because network administrators cannot connect to the wireless network to perform the tests required to identify where the problem occurred, troubleshooting can be cumbersome and time-consuming. The Access Point Connectivity Testing module addresses these issues by allowing remote testing of network connectivity from the perspective of a wireless station. By utilizing the radio of the wireless sensor to simulate a wireless client station true end-to-end network testing can verify all aspects of the wireless application's datapath. Connectivity tests can be customised to verify the specific wireless configuration, wired network configuration, and application server availability. These tests can be configured to run automatically on a pre-configured schedule to proactively identify and notify configuration changes which impact wireless applications, or run on demand.

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