LIVERF: Remote Real-Time Visualization of the Wireless Network


  • Proactive alerting of coverage problems
  • Real-time RF visualizations
  • Wireless coverage views based on customizable application specific requirements
  • Identify & Locate sources of interference
  • Side-by-Side comparative analysis of live environment with known healthy environment
  • centralised remote analysis


  • Proactively detect application specific coverage problems
  • Pin-Point real-time changes in network coverage
  • Eliminate expensive onsite visits and time-consuming walk-arounds with real-time network visualizations

The WLAN Defence LiveRF module provides a remote assessment of network coverage and real time visualization of the wireless network. Transient sources of interference, changing utilization, and physical obstructions require ongoing vigilance after a deployment to ensure the WLAN network is capable of supporting necessary wireless applications. LiveRF addresses these challenges by collecting and analyzing the data gathered from the WLAN infrastructure to create real-time maps of RF signal propagation and application coverage. Background monitoring ensures coverage problems are detected prior to impacting end users. Real-time visualizations provide the data to streamline troubleshooting to solve problems faster. LiveRF equips administrators with the tools to operate and ensure a more reliable wireless network.

Continuous Real-Time Analysis of the RF Environment

e network configuration settings and performance statistics directly from wireless LAN infrastructure and dedicated monitoring radios. Sophisticated RF propagation analysis is performed in the background taking into account the RF characteristics of walls and other obstructions from the floor plan. This is accomplished without the need for costly onsite wireless surveys. LiveRF compares the analyzed coverage to the expected coverage and proactively informs the administrator when wireless applications will no longer operate in this environment. Monitoring can include predefined applications such as VoWLAN, mobile computing devices, or basic Wi-Fi connectivity. Administrators can customize nine different variables to monitor the environment for requirements of unique applications. Background monitoring can be setup to inform the administrator when a problem is detected so it can be resolved before the end user enters a support ticket.

Real-Time Network Visualizations

Administrators can view accurate real time graphical representation of the RF environment to help understand the current coverage and impact of network changes and interferences sources. This visual map of RF propagation provides a much simpler way for administrators to analyze the network rather than reviewing raw data feeds. As a result identifying problems and understanding the current network is expedited and users experience less down time. LiveRF provides side by side comparative analysis which also addresses another common challenge with wireless networks - understanding what is the norm for a particular environment. Administrators can see the live running environment and compare it next to a snap shot of the known healthy environment, which further increases the visibility of a problem which is impacting the network.

Detailed views into the network include:

  • Application Specific Coverage
  • Co-channel Interference
  • Signal to Interference
  • Identify & Locate sources of interference
  • Channel Coverage
  • Coverage Holes
  • Signal Coverage
  • Peak Data Rate
  • Coverage Overlap
  • Service Counts

Users of Motorola LAN Planner and SiteScanner can also directly import modeled floor plans into the WLAN Defence Services Platform (ADSP). When LANPlanner formatted drawings are combined with ADSP, LiveRF provides enhanced visualizations and device locating functionality leveraging the work done when designing and site-surveying the network.

The LiveRF module runs on the WLAN Defence Services Platform (ADSP) and requires no additional hardware for functionality. The WLAN Defence Services Platform offers seamless integration of wireless Security & Compliance Solutions, WLAN Infrastructure Management, and Network Assurance tools that centrally troubleshoot user connectivity issues and fix WLAN performance problems. The WLAN Defence Services Platform is industry's first comprehensive service oriented platform that can be leveraged by enterprise IT to dramatically reduce the TCO and achieve quicker ROI from their WLAN.

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