With a real-time view of all WLAN traffic, the WLAN Defence Services Platform enables network administrators to remotely troubleshoot problems, identify and respond to network mis-configurations, and monitor the networks availability. The Services Platform analyzes traffic flow to interpret WLAN performance and identify usage characteristics, interference from neighbouring WLANs, channel overlap, and performance degradation. forensics1

The WLAN Defence Services Platform can help measure network usage & performance by determining over-utilized APs & channels, pinpointing network congestion, finding bandwidth hogs & analyzing utilization & congestion trends. It can also notify administrators of AP failures, report missing devices and maintain wireless service level agreements.

Once a problem or issue is identified network administrators have two types of tools, real-time and historical, which allow them to appropriately diagnose and remediate the problem. The real-time toolset allows administrators to see what is happening in the WLAN at that given instant. Many RF issues are hard to replicate or transient in nature, and the ability to remotely and instantly visualize and analyze the user's WLAN from a central location is valuable. The historical toolset allows administrators to analyze device specific trends over time to better understand the root cause of a problem or detect intermittent problems. The ability to remotely troubleshoot and resolve WLAN performance problems, in real-time, with access to historical data for perspective, is crucial for maximizing the availability and ROI from a WLAN.


The WLAN Defence Services Platform includes Live View, a tool that offers real time remote troubleshooting and analysis of wireless networks. Administrators can drill down into a live, streaming view of devices, BSSIDs, and channels to review remote frame captures, authentication errors, AP configuration issues & network interference. It offers the following: forensic2
User definable views – Create and save customised views to pinpoint problems faster by focusing on actionable data
28 new analysis visualizations – Quickly identify and resolve network problems by choosing from a variety of easy-to-analyze graphs and charts
Connections diagram – Visualization of Layer 2 802.11 connectivity
Appliance frame capture – Smart frame capture; save and store only the data needed
Offline capture analysis – Review and troubleshoot saved captures; no need to use 3rd party tools


The WLAN Defence Services Platform provides forensic data that allows you to retrace any one device's steps down to the minute. With forensic research, investigating an event takes minutes instead of potentially hours. Cases that normally would have required administrators to physically visit sites can now be investigated remotely. Administrators can rewind and review minute-by-minute records of connectivity and communication with the network. By storing more than 325 data points per wireless device, per connection, per minute, the WLAN Defence Services Platform allows organisations to view months of historical data on a wireless device that was recently discovered to be suspicious. forensic3

Detailed Forensic Analysis
Graphical View of Minute-by-minute Stats
Device, Threats, Associations, Traffic, Signal and Location Tends
Adjustable Time Windows
Historical Location Tracking
Record of Wireless Performance and Connectivity Issues

Network Trend Analysis
Forensic Analysis and Audit Support
Allows Historical Analysis of Intermittent Wireless Problems
View Performance Trends and Establish Network Baselines

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The WLAN Defence Services Platform includes powerful location tracking technology that allows administrators to minimize the amount of time required to find a device when visiting a site. After importing images of a floor plan and specifying the characteristics of the building, the Services Platform is able to consistently locate devices within four cubicles.