security and compliance


Because of their flexibility, affordability, and ease of installation, the use of wireless local area networks are increasing at a tremendous rate. As wireless LAN deployments increase, so does the challenge to provide these networks with security.

Wireless LANs face the same security challenges as their wired counterparts, and more. Because the medium for wireless is air, wireless LANs have the added issue of securing data that travels the airwaves. This has given momentum to a new generation of hackers who specialise in inventing and deploying innovative methods of hijacking wireless communications.

The WLAN Defence Security and Compliance Solution is the most powerful wireless monitoring solution available.

The WLAN Defence Services Platform is a centralised console that provides complete protection against wireless threats, policy compliance monitoring, robust performance monitoring, and location tracking in an appliance that can scale to meet the largest global organisations' needs.

Powered by the industry's most advanced intrusion detection system (IDS) engines, the solution allows users to identify hackers, network attacks and vulnerabilities, and to instantly terminate the connection to any rogue device. The system uses collaborative intelligence with secure sensors that work in tandem with a hardened purpose-built server appliance to monitor all 802.11 (a/b/g/n) wireless traffic in real time.

As a key layer of security, WLAN Defence complements VPNs, encryption and authentication.



When an organisation's network is left exposed by insecure wireless LAN devices, hackers can compromise an organisation's network backbone, rendering the investment in IT security useless. Not only are there financial implications from a security standpoint, but the breach can potentially impact the company's reputation and proprietary and regulatory information. These scenarios can lead to additional financial loss and legal ramifications. Hence various regulatory bodies have defined policies that have to be complied with by organisations.

Regardless of the WLAN deployment status, organisations have to ensure that they track all wireless activity and prevent the transmission of wireless data in clear text.

WLAN Defence helps organisations comply with various regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, DoD 8100.2, HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, BS ISO IEC 27002:2005 and the UK Government GCSX Code of Connection(CoCo) Requirements.