This industry first technology, allows administrators to:

  • Extends the wireless security perimeter to mobile users: 24x7 protection inside the enterprise & on the road
  • Comprehensive detection of wireless misconfigurations for mobile users
  • Pro-active protection against all wireless threats
  • Threat assessment of wireless network usage of mobile employees
  • Ability to define and enforce wireless security policy (corporate or regulatory) on laptops
  • Stop probing stations and modem use in a "no wireless " environment
  • Supports all known wireless network adapters including 802.11, EVDO, 3G, GPRS, HSPDA, and Wi-Max
  • Detection and enforcement of Windows Zero Configuration Client settings



An industry first, WLAN Defence Personal enforces corporate polices for all types of wireless networks, including Wi-Fi, EVDO, 3G, GPRS and many more. WLAN Defence Personal protects the mobile workforce from the wireless-specific risks that could expose private data and confidential transactions. Many cities across the world are now in the process of creating a wireless access blanket in city areas; every desktop could potentially connect to this network if they have a wireless adapter. WLAN Defence Personal is a software agent that runs on Windows PCs and monitors for malicious or accidental wireless activity, as well as wireless device misconfigurations that may cause security exposures or policy violations. This solution complements personal firewalls and host-based IDS systems that don't protect the client against wireless attacks.







WLAN Defence Personal offers protection from a broad and growing set of new risks that directly target vulnerable wireless users, unobtrusively notifies the user when risky activity occurs or mitigate the risk entirely by proactively disabling the wireless connection. The data collected from WLAN Defence Personal can also be used by the network administrator to gain knowledge of the network usage patterns of mobile employees. Historical and current threat assessment can then be used for setting custom wireless policies that can automatically mitigate the risks of wireless vulnerabilities of mobile stations at the edge of the network. WLAN Defence Personal can also be deployed in enterprises to stop ad-hoc usage, bridging and probing stations. This powerful tool allows end users to solve complex policy enforcement situations. WLAN Defence Personal does this through integrated rules and policies within the product. By empowering administrators to create profiles that fit corporate business needs the mobile user is protected from common issues that using Wi-Fi technology.

Multiple WLAN Defence Personal agents can be managed centrally using the WLAN Defence Personal Central Manager. Policy profiles that are defined centrally can be automatically downloaded to each mobile user or group of users. If threats are discovered, WLAN Defence Personal notifies the user and sends the logs to the Central Manager for centralised reporting & notification, enforcement of corporate policies and complete protection for the mobile worker, regardless of location. The WLAN Defence Personal Central Manager is fully integrated into WLAN Defence Enterprise.


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