• Proactively Identify Network Security Issues Before a Hacker Does
  • Avoid Onsite Scans & Reduce Consulting & Travel Expenses
  • Validate That Wireless Networks Are Segmented from Sensitive Systems (e.g. Cardholder Data)
  • Automate The Wireless Scanning Process

Adding this type of automated analysis to an existing Wireless Intrusion Prevention System provides an important layer of security needed to fortify the network. This approach complements Intrusion Detection & Intrusion Prevention technology with proactive tools that identify security holes and fortify them before hacker targets the network. Customers that have already deployed sensors for Wireless IPS can leverage the same sensor hardware to conduct wireless vulnerability assessments.

Proactive Assessment of the Security Posture of Wireless Networks

WLAN Defence's Wireless Vulnerability Assessment module is a patented technology that provides remote wireless security testing. By simulating attacks from a wireless hacker's point-of-view, administrators can now identify sensitive systems exposed to the wireless network. The automated Wireless Vulnerability Assessment technology avoids the need to send personnel or consultants to remote offices and stores to manually conduct these tests required for PCI DSS 1.2 compliance, thereby avoiding costs and operational expenditures. This product is a licensed add-on module to the market leading WLAN Defence Services Platform.










An industry first, the module allows security administrators to remotely test the security of wireless networks by automatically logging on to an access point (AP) and testing for vulnerabilities from the perspective of a wireless hacker. The end-to-end scanning is initiated over the air by a wireless sensor emulating a wireless client. This proactive approach allows security administrators to identify vulnerabilities before a breach occurs, and allows them to use the results to improve the security posture of their wireless networks.

Automated & Remote Security Analysis

Historically, administrators had to rely on a combination of traditional vulnerability assessment tools and occasional wireless assessments at select locations. These methods are unable to provide a comprehensive assessment of wireless networks. With this module, WLAN Defence is introducing active wireless testing that is capable of evaluating each and every AP a company has deployed, and validating that these Access Points are segmented from sensitive systems including cardholder data. In addition, it allows these scans to be conducted remotely from a central location, and in an automated fashion.

Featuring an innovative and patented wireless testing technology, the WLAN Defence Wireless Vulnerability Assessment solution enables security managers to validate the protection of their sensitive systems from users of the wireless network and would-be intruders. Its extensive scan features enables them to validate firewall and wireless switch policies, while also offering unparalleled discovery options to enumerate multiple paths of entry to sensitive systems on the wired side. Configured to run automatically or on demand, the assessments can be customised with blacklists to target networks or devices and validate what should or should not be accessible from the wireless side.